Gas Fire Installation

Fireplace Installation Notes.


All Gas Fires must be installed and serviced by a GAS SAFE Registered Engineer. The Engineer will survey your property and ensure that all requirements of the Installation Manual are met to ensure your fire is installed correctly and safely. All GAS SAFE Engineers are regularly audited by GAS SAFE to ensure they are working in line with current regulations.


We recommend that all fires are serviced every 12 months. This should be done regardless of how often the fire is used. There are number of issues which can effect a fire functioning correctly and safety - blockages in the gas pipes, gas leaks, chimney blockages etc.


It is easy to blame the gas fire when it fails to function however a very large amount of claims are not related to the gas fire. When a fire does not operate, the problem can be nothing to do with a fault within the gas fire. Below are some very common causes which will stop a gas fire functioning. Before making any claims please check these site related issues are not causing the problems. This will eliminate costly call out charges.


    Gas Pressure - a common cause of a gas fire shutting down while it is operating is that the gas pressure is not correct. This problem can be more noticeable when switching on other gas appliances within the property like boilers etc. A drop in pressure will mean that the safety device on fire will shut the fire down to protect you. Contact Transco or your gas supplier regarding upgrading your gas pipe work.

    Chimney Draw Is Too Strong - the draw on the chimney is causing the pilot flame to lift away from the thermocouple making the safety device to shut the fire down - Contact a flue specialist

    Chimney Draw Is Too Weak - the draw is not strong enough, this could be because the chimney has become blocked, causing the fire to spill hazardous fumes into the room. This is very dangerous. The safety device senses the amount of oxygen in the air and will shut the fire down. - Contact a flue specialist.

    No Power - A remote control fire needs a power source. If it is powered by a mains supply has the fuse blown or the power switched off? - Contact an electrician. If it is battery powered - check and change the batteries.

    Incorrect Installation - All gas fires are supplied with an installation manual. This shows how to fit the fire in line with the manufacturers instructions and the CE approval to ensure it is safe. Ensure you have a copy of the Installation Manual before starting to install a fire. The warranty will be invalid if the fire has been wrongly installed. When a fire is installed by a GAS SAFE Registered Engineer he will issue you a certificate showing the work that has been done and confirming that it is safe.

    Flueless Fires - Flueless Fires have an excellent safety record. If a Flueless Fire shuts down after running for a number of minutes check all ventilation requirements have been met before operating the fire again. All CVO flueless fires have a ODS unit fitted which will shut the fire down if the oxygen levels in the room reach a dangerous level.



 Flueless Gas Fires (100% Efficiency)


Key Product Features:


    100% energy efficient - save energy and money with low running costs.

    Slimline wall mounted fireplace design - only 152mm projection from the wall.

    Stunning open flame flueless gas fire design with ribbon burner and a large glamorous flame.

    No filters required and therefore no glass screen to get very hot or stained.

    The angle gas fire has european wide CE approval for 11 different gas categories.

    This eco-friendly flueless gas burner has low emissions.

    Buy British! This fire is hand made in the UK at the CVO factory.

    Very reliable and proven design - created in 2003 by CVO engineers.

    A version of this fire was tested for over 14,000 hours [equivalent to 25 years domestic use!]

    No chimney is required, install on any wall within a room.

    (FFD) Flame Failure & (ODS) Oxygen Depletion Sensor Safety Device fitted for safety.


Running Costs:


    2.7Kw Version - Natural Gas = 4p/hour

    3.5Kw Version - Natural Gas = 5p/hour

    3.5Kw Version - LPG = 18p/hour

    Based on Natural Gas @ 2.4p [check your gas supplier]


Purchasing Options



        Standard = 840mm (w) X 725mm (h) x 152mm (d) - View Specification Sheet.

        Widescreen = 1110mm (w) x 725 (h) x 152mm (d) - View Specification Sheet.

            The widescreen version also has a wider burner opening.


        Satin Black Steel or Brushed Stainless Steel - View Picture Gallery.


        Manual Control via Piezo Starter.


        2.7 kW or 3.5kW Natural Gas

        3.5kW LPG.

High Efficiency Inset Gas Fires (77% Efficiency)


Key Product Features:


GLAMOUR High Efficency Inset Gas Fire for Traditional Fireplace Installations. This fire has a class 1 efficiency rating of 77% and has been designed for installation into new build properties to meet stricter building regulations and also as a replacement for any existing open flame inset fire where energy efficiency is required. The fire will fit into an opening with a "maximum" size of (w) 435mm x (h) 570mm and "minimum" depth of only 126mm. The 2.0kw gas burner has an efficiency rating of 77% meaning that most of the heat generated by the gas burned is returned to the room, providing 1.5kw of secondary heat for the room. As this is a modern high efficiency design do not be put off by the "low" heat output, most old style inset fires waste 75% of the heat up the chimney meaning an old 5kw fire gives you only 1kw in the room. By replacing an old inefficient fire with the glamour you will get more heat into the room and save money with lower fuel bills. Running costs on the glamour are approx 6p/hour.


The GLAMOUR includes a special CVO gas burner design which is contemporary and sleek. Suitable for all chimney types. This modern, high heat efficient, fireplace is currently installed in the Northern Firevault showroom and visiting customers have been surprised by the amount of heat generated.

"Hole in the Wall" Gas Fire (84% Efficiency)


Key Product Features:


BLADE : High Efficency Gas Fire with Glass Front and Thermostatic Control. Designed by our Managing Director, Andrew Munro, this new wall mounted contemporary fireplace has been created with energy saving and style in mind.


The 4.6kw gas burner has an efficiency rating of 84% meaning that most of the heat generated is returned to the room. This means you have lower heating bills as waste is minimised. The fire is designed with high level functionality being supplied with a radio remote control system [RF] that incorporates a room temperature monitoring system. Simply set the room temperature on the handset to your desired level and let the fire do the work. By constantly monitoring the room temperature the fire will turn the flame up and down automatically. Suitable for Class 1, Class 2 and Pre-Cast flue systems. This is a modern and highly heat efficient fireplace. Installed in the Northern showroom customers have been surprised by the heat generated. Choose from black satin or stainless finishes.





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